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FR-S Drift Fail
Posted On: 8/13/2012 2:20PM

Or anyway, that's what it looks like. Via VWVortex

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Avatar By: TDWPgtp
8/13/2012 2:33 PM

the upper left edge of that wheel looks deformed...they probably hit a curb or something

Avatar By: blackspike2710
8/13/2012 7:44 PM

Looks like he could use some more traction in the rear. Maybe a wing for some downforce?

Avatar By: RIP-Pontiac-2009
8/14/2012 5:59 AM

My guess is he slamed into a curb that would be enough to cause that.

Avatar By: BIG_CIVIC
8/14/2012 6:57 AM

Or looks like it may be someone's first time drifting and they adjusted the camber the wrong way, lol.


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