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Kentucky Couple Trades Their Newborn Baby For a Dakota Pickup
Posted On: 7/19/2012 10:20AM

Come on: with what people have to shell out for adoptions these days, you'd think a healthy newborn would rate more than a '99 Dodge Dakota, which Blue Books at a little under $4,000 in the condition this one was probably in. But it gets worse: after scoring the truck, the couple turned around and sold it for 800 bucks and some meth. Which means that, yes, some little baby is going to have to grow up with the knowledge that his parents sold him for 800 bucks and some meth. Really? The couple who received the baby are being charged with human trafficking, and the mom, who had her two previous kids taken away by social services in Florida, is still at large. If this isn't an argument for birth control in the water supply, I don't know what is! Hit the jump for the news video, via Autoblog.

Comments (3)
Avatar By: timpalass
7/19/2012 10:22 AM

They should've at least went for a full size.

Avatar By: usnrocker
7/19/2012 12:10 PM

well she ended up selling it for 800 bucks and some meth... which is probably the main cause for the trade

Avatar By: Tat2edsol
7/20/2012 4:47 AM

so let me get this straight, this couple sold their truck to get a baby away from a drug addicted mother and they are the ones being arrested?? granted they should of went straight to the police with the baby afterwards but honestly, what they did wasn't 'criminal' in the least.


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