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1985 Plymouth 'Cuda?
Posted On: 2/29/2012 2:36PM

In 1985 Chrysler briefly considered building a Plymouth performance car to compliment the Dodge GLH and Shelby Charger. Two cars were special built on-line as Dodge Shelby Chargers without badging, and then the 'Cuda trim was added. Dodge managed to kill the project (and it is rumored that Carroll Shelby rejected it as well). More info and pics at!

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Avatar By: 74Furyous
2/29/2012 3:40 PM

Interesting. Since they did the Shelby Charger it would seem only natural that Plymouth would want one too but I guess they were no longe the performance brand that they were in the late '60's. Shame. I'd love to stumble upon either of these cars though.

Avatar By: Jperry3
2/29/2012 6:04 PM

The car was based off the Dodge Daytona bodies. The differences were; front and rear facia,ground effects, rear deck deflector,wing, decals, and badges. As far as the powerplant goes, I believe you could get the same engine in the Daytona's as well. If I am not mistaken, you could even get them with a turbo.

Avatar By: BIG_CIVIC
2/29/2012 7:20 PM

Looks like a rip off of an Audi Quattro.

Avatar By: retroman
2/29/2012 7:29 PM

Yes, you could most definitely get them with a turbo, but in the 80s you could get any k-frame variant with a turbo including the Caravan. Shelby built the first tuners in 1982. It took nearly ten years for Honda to catch on to the idea.

Avatar By: moorethanenuff
2/29/2012 7:52 PM

The white car has a turbo badge on the lower side skirt and hatch. Wonder how many were made. I hope Dodge remembers this little experiment when it come out with the new Cuda.

Avatar By: moorethanenuff
2/29/2012 8:04 PM Found this history about the origin of those Cudas.

Avatar By: M45lover
2/29/2012 10:33 PM

Piece of shit disgrace to the cuda name.

Avatar By: Medazzone
3/1/2012 2:35 AM

A FWD 80's Mopar I knew nothing about, I never thought this would happen. Thank you.

Avatar By: Necr0n0mIV
3/1/2012 8:40 AM

I like it

3/1/2012 4:44 PM

Yeah!a good friend of mine had one in 86' he still had it in 90',Man we had a lot of fun in that car & many,many ,races in that thing.It was Candy Apple Red with Black loovers,Black leather interior & the same sports wheels as the White Cuda above...It just was a Turbo Daytona!Man I know was in it and sometimes Flagged the races...That thing would run up to a 100 so fast it was major incredible! Darrell Kicked alot of Asses in it i came be a Witness to that,It was a little Drag Spot on the out skirts of Town.1am...15 to 20 races people on both sides of the road...racers lined up...we also won alot of money because car was a sleeper til racers got hipped to what turbo really was at that time period it kicked in at around third to all that dont know they would Run and for what it was that Turbo was no Joke!lol! and he never had any trouble out of it. He sold it in 90' for a "Demon Duster"

Avatar By: cadillacs22s
3/1/2012 9:36 PM

looks like hell lol. there weren't a whole lot of 80s cars i liked

Avatar By: DodgeAdict
3/2/2012 1:13 AM

I've gatta say.. It sure looks alot like a Plymouth Conquest (rebadged Mitsubushi) to me, Is that the same body? (Dodge Daytona/Shelby - Plymouth Conquest) Because I have a buddy that used to have one, and it WAS a sleeper, faded black paint, faded black interior.. and a TURBO, till I rode in a 12' Chrysler 300 SRT8 it was the fastest car Ide' ever ridden in


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