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Will a New 'Cuda Replace the Challenger?
Posted On: 2/17/2012 2:30PM

The current Challenger is quite a bit bigger and heavier than the current Mustang and Camaro. Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing, especially if you want a big, burly boulevard cruiser. But with the Mustang and Camaro expected to shrink even more by 2015 (not to mention CAFE standards), something is gonna have to give. The latest rumors have it that the Challenger will be replaced by a new, smaller 'Cuda based on a RWD Alfa Romeo platform. Personally, I'm not a fan of bringing back the 'Cuda name since Plymouth is long gone, but it would probably be a popular move with many folks. What do you think? Via Motor Trend

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Avatar By: 74Furyous
2/17/2012 2:58 PM

Please let us remember a great car (in it's day) and let it drop. A new, smaller, lighter, sports car? Bring it on! Just don't resurrect the name.

Avatar By: TDWPgtp
2/17/2012 2:59 PM

sooo judging by how dodge seems to ruin its "reincarnation" muscle cars, its gunna be a FWD 5 door hatchback ?

Avatar By: SuzyBruisy
2/17/2012 3:33 PM

I like the idea of a smaller and more nimble Challenger replacement, as long as it still has big-Hemi engine options. They can even call it the 'Cuda, that'd be fine with me. And it sounds like it'll for sure be rwd, so those concerned about getting a re-badged Chrysler 200 can stop worrying.

Avatar By: blackspike2710
2/17/2012 3:47 PM

TDWP you'll be lucky if it is a hatchback. I'm expecting a 4 door crossover with gills in the fenders.

Avatar By: fortyfordsedan
2/17/2012 4:11 PM

They need to just put the Challenger on a serious diet, they have a heck of an engine, give it a little less car to lug around and it would be sweet

Avatar By: ___nes___
2/17/2012 5:32 PM

^^^ that. The problem is not that people don't like the challenger, the problem is the weight. Put it on a diet and refine the suspension and I'm sure it will be a closer competition with the mustang and camaro.

Avatar By: moorethanenuff
2/17/2012 7:13 PM

I would love to see the Cuda and even the Roadrunner names resurrected if they go back to the original concept of an inexpensive stripped down light weight car stuffed with the most powerful engine they can fit under the hood. We don't need another $40k bloated faux muscle car ruining another great name from the past.

Avatar By: TDWPgtp
2/17/2012 7:49 PM

ya a 'cuda crossover would be great!.... ha

Avatar By: MADMAX333
2/19/2012 8:27 AM

It'll just be a stinkin badge engineered hunk of crap front driver, just like their stupid Dart.

Avatar By: boatdude13
2/19/2012 2:19 PM

Everyone above is right. The Challenger weighs too much. The Charger is nothing like the old chargers. There are plenty of other cars that can say that they aren't like their 30-40 year old counterparts, but they have had many model years and transitions between.

Avatar By: retroman
2/19/2012 5:12 PM

Before they replace the Chally, or come out with a less retro interpretation, they need to cut the roof off. I'd love to see a factory convertible. Chrysler could even have a hard top roof option for it, although potential owners would have to find the space in the garage to store the roof when it's off.

Avatar By: huskerfan_85
2/20/2012 5:49 PM

Instead of bring back a model how about bring back Plymouth. Foundation is set for the big three now bring back what you killed. You have the upper hand now. Use it.

Avatar By: mrdsalvato
2/21/2012 4:39 AM

Smaller is not a bad thing just put a HEMI in it with a Cuda billboard graphic. At a $25K base price and it will sell. Oh and a drop top option.

Avatar By: zillaboy29
2/21/2012 4:53 AM

The "71 Cuda is my dream car and the thought of them bringing it back excites me - ONLY if they make it to resemble the original and not some piece of crap car the resembles nothing like the original Cuda. Dodge did a great job with the Challenger making it resemble the original so if they can do the same with the Cuda - even though Plymouth is dead and gone.

Avatar By: 6670charger
2/21/2012 4:56 AM

I'm all for a new 'Cuda if Chrysler does it right, instead of what they did with the Charger. Don't mind the Dart as a FWD car necessarily, but, it needs to be available as more than just a 4dr sedan. Chrysler also needs to get back to basics and make the 'Cuda a lightweight RWD performance car with minimal add-on crap, and keep the price point where the average Joe can afford one. To paraphrase another poster, "We don't need another $40k bloated faux muscle car, especially a 4-door or CUV, ruining another great name from the past." If they can't build it right, then don't build it at all.

Avatar By: gumbertb
2/21/2012 4:57 AM

I tried to convince them to make a "retro" Cuda back when they came out with the PT Cruiser. Those of us who were 12 and got to ride in one but never got to own or even drive one, would really appreciate it. The Challenger is nice but it ain't no Cuda.

Avatar By: Johnnybute
2/21/2012 5:04 AM

The name is a touchy subject. I guess if they do it right, I could deal with it. Going lighter, of course I would be a fan of, but smaller? Call me traditional, but I love the feel of that big bench, elbow room, leg room, etc. Give me a nice wheel base, torque, and a nice braking system, then I will be happy as a teenager

Avatar By: 90b2xlt
2/21/2012 5:05 AM

I had a '67 Cuda fastback and loved it. bring it back!

Avatar By: mr_denner
2/21/2012 6:18 AM

Great idea as long as it has big engine and RWD, NOT FWD !!!!

Avatar By: carnut122
2/21/2012 6:40 AM

Putting the Cuda name on a European car is just plain sacrilegious.

Avatar By: NellsJavelin
2/21/2012 6:45 AM

Bailout = foreign car. No 'cuda name, please...

Avatar By: GreasyCaprice85
2/21/2012 6:46 AM

Yes 'Cuda sounds awesome to resurrect but shouldn't since it's maker has been axed. If anyone should bring in a new 'Cuda it should be Lingenfelter since they appropriately brought back the Trans Am, sort of like a voodoo muscle car ritual. I'd like to see that!

Avatar By: StreetDemonzCC
2/21/2012 7:20 AM

As someone already said, they need to just slim down the challenger. Give it better handling, maybe a upgraded look for the SRT model. But NO Fiat Cuda please....

Avatar By: moparmane
2/21/2012 7:38 AM

If its truly a replacement for the challenger dont think they will stray to far away from that idea. I personally dont have a problem with the idea as long as they are true to keepin the rwd v8 retro theme. Nor do I have a proble with FIAT. They have turned Chrysler around in many ways for the better. Although I dont agree with the charger being a 4dr or the dart comming back as a fwd econo car. BUT they did need to fill these areas of the market. The charger should have been called Monaco or Polara and the new Dart shoulda been called Stealth or Rampage. As for the current challenger it should have had its own smaller platform, solid rear end, a convertable option, and a plain low optioned version with the BIG 392! As for all you belly achers that fuss over handling and like to pretend you are on the nurburgring do all of us true muscle fans a favor and go buy a subaru wrx sti or a vw golf!! Muscle cars are meant for straight line drag racing PERIOD!! I am a diehard mopar guy and i loathe ford but i have to give the mustang props for staying true to american muscle ideals!!

Avatar By: Rodimus48Prime
2/21/2012 8:04 AM

First of all....Take weight off the Challenger...Make a Rag Top version...Make it available to the average person....Keep The Cuda' in Heaven....Without Plymouth...there can't be a Cuda'..!!! Revamp the Charger to look that it's Great Great Grand Father....Recall the the Dart...The Dart and The Valiant were awsome in their Day!!! Making a FWD version sucks...Do away with all that CRAP under the Hood...!!! Cab Forward Design makes the Retro Version look Sick and Undesirable!!The Camaro is too bulky looking The Mustang is the only pony car that actually looks like The Mustang of the 60's....Oh! The Camaro needs to slope the front end...Needs to get rid of the pick-up truck face job!!

Avatar By: scottyec76
2/21/2012 8:06 AM

I was never really a fan of the "Retro" design to begin with. But after 20 years of it, I'm beginning to realize that these "designers" and I use that term loosely are just no good at their jobs, coming up with new ideas. So they use the old popular ones to keep their jobs. Not only do I think they're doing a poor job at it but they're making the old one's unpopular with me just having to look at the hideous recreations! The PLYMOUTH Cuda is one of my favorites even being a Ford fan. I think brining that it back especially under the Dodge name would ruin the great reputation that the Cuda already has. They need to realize that these are cars that can't be recreated and that their era is over.....MOVE ON!!!! If they want to bring something back from tha 60s and 70s...How bout the gas prices?????????????????

Avatar By: moparmane
2/21/2012 8:32 AM

since "srt" is its own brand now it would probably join the viper under this new nameplate and not dodge. I was not supprised to hear of cuda name resurection becacse about two yrs ago chrysler trademarked the cuda name. So for them to TM the name 40 yrs later definatly tells me that they have somthing up there sleeve for the it. BTW Do all of u fiat Nay sayers out there realize that fiat also owns alfa romeo, ferrari and maserati??

Avatar By: MaRTyR90
2/21/2012 9:05 AM

who knows .. it might be better ;) .. but i prefer the challenger anyway

Avatar By: therobesons
2/21/2012 9:10 AM

Let's get back to metal crime bumpers instead of this cheap flimsy plastic crap

Avatar By: laney50w
2/21/2012 9:16 AM

Alpha Romeo platform????? WTF???? I want dual exhaust, 500/600HP, and a design similar to the original. If you're gonna bring back the 'Cuda, then do it right. BUT, personally, I think Dodge did an awesome job with the new Challengers...I don't really see a need for a 'Cuda

Avatar By: ilovemybradleyGT
2/21/2012 9:43 AM

i want it to have a electric turbo...and a 4 cyl with a turbo on that so say 4 cyl with 150 hp or so and a spare 350 hp out of a battery pack when you want it.. but they wont do that, cuz they dont want you to have 500 hp and get 30 mpg.

Avatar By: JL-KA
2/21/2012 10:19 AM

It better be the Barracuda with an SRT8 'Cuda version. You can't call a car that offers a V6 a 'Cuda.

Avatar By: cowcat
2/21/2012 10:35 AM

Cuda? ok we just got do seeing dodge slaughter the "Dart" again.... what else can we build and screw up i know lets get the cornet back out and make it a cross over and rename the new dakota the D50 anything else i missed

Avatar By: moparmane
2/21/2012 10:57 AM

I guess everyone has forgotten what the dart started out with back in the day. Ill remind you! ait was a slant 6! the first v8 that came later was a 273! It was an econo car then and still is now. But an srt4 2dr COUPE!! should be available in the linup!

Avatar By: 2002WRXSTi
2/21/2012 11:06 AM

Remember back in the Early 90's when GM brought back the Lemans as a Korean Hatchback. It was abysmal!

Avatar By: CudaJames69
2/21/2012 11:07 AM

I like the idea as long as it's a distinctly AMERICAN car . Not some eurotrash wanna be . Since Fiat will be running the show , I expect it to be sacrilege .

Avatar By: chargedviper
2/21/2012 11:18 AM

Well i have a 08 Charger and other then the complaint from many not being a 2 door it's awesome and Challenger by far is the best look muscle car of today However if Dodge wants to replace the Challenger with a new cuda and if it's anything like the so called new Dart i say no thanks

Avatar By: Josh429er
2/21/2012 11:45 AM

If its not plymouth then its not a cuda. easy as that. why not the duster? or something else dodge made back then?

Avatar By: iceemcreamcone
2/21/2012 12:14 PM

The Cuda badge is a good way for Chrystler to bring in repeat business. Every Dodge Challenger owner will have to have one.

Avatar By: jradams
2/21/2012 2:11 PM

Well if they want to go lighter they should copy the 69 fast back that won the pony war not a fat boat 70 model and the rear window could actually be the hatch containing hydro cells on an electric motor platform get the fuck out of the gas guzzling dark ages you ulzimier victims and do something different with your lives besides gasgasgasG

Avatar By: 90lxproject
2/21/2012 3:09 PM

The 'Cuda was always my favorite. My mother had a '67 with the stick. She wasn't tame with it either but it was a Plymouth. Lighten up the Challenger and put it on a modern pony/sports car frame. For all the non-American Muscle people, Ford posed the idea of having a turbo charged 6 in the base Mustang. With no surprise it would perform as well as the GT and could handle better due to the lighter weight so that was erased. Look at the SHO engine. Offer the 6 Base and a Bi-Turbo 6 for the HO. AWD would be cool, they did it with the Magnum SRT8!

Avatar By: esu79
2/21/2012 3:11 PM

My '73 Cuda is rolling over in its grave,,,,,,,,,,,

Avatar By: hlavco
2/21/2012 4:12 PM

I feel like if they ended up building it, they would probably screw up the naming convention by calling all trim levels "'Cuda" and not using "Barracuda". Also, Dodge Barracuda doesn't sound that nice. Chrysler Barracuda sounds better, I think, if they're not going to revive the Plymouth name. ...Fiat 'Cuda?

Avatar By: tabstang
2/21/2012 7:53 PM

Bring on the smaller, lighter, Hemi-powered Barracuda! Not the Cuda, not the PT Cuda, etc. Call it Dodge or a Chrysler, who cares? But HAVE A STYLING EVOLUTION PLAN BEFORE YOU DO IT!!! The 2010 Mustang is FUGLY - I love the 05-09 because it's a near replica of the 69-era car. But these retro designs are a real problem when it comes to evolution - people identify with only the first version, based on the icon. So what to do next? Every Gen2 retro design so far SUX!

Avatar By: TBirdNutt
2/21/2012 8:07 PM

My vote? If they bring back a 'Cuda, PLEASE: 1. Put the pig on a diet first! 2. Offer a ragtop option!! 3. Make sure it gets some HP under the hood!!!

Avatar By: TheSnakeOiler
2/21/2012 9:03 PM

NO WAY! If they bring back the 'Cuda on a FWD, 4cyl Fiat platform; that will signal the end of MOPAR and will put it in the same arena as Nissan and Honda! If anyone takes and credence in the opinions if ANY writer from Motor Trend, they should be shot. These are the same people who said the Viper was TOO loud, just raw hp with no refinement and didn't offer a 10 speaker stereo or cup holders. They are just a jar of Grey Poupon away from the old folks home! Hey Motor Trend, look----> ,,\,, oVo ,,/,,

Avatar By: bas95firebird
2/21/2012 9:47 PM

is everone forgetting that plymouth is dead. the baracuda was a plymouth it won't happen

Avatar By: Comrick317
2/21/2012 10:32 PM

Keep the Challenger and pass on the 'Cuda. I like Challengers better anyway. The 'Cuda is long gone like Plymouth, let's let them rest in peace.

Avatar By: rics8
2/22/2012 10:59 AM

only if they stay true to the car!!!!

Avatar By: ptownTSI
2/22/2012 9:40 PM

3200 lbs, 4 seater 4 engine options: 300hp turbo 4 400hp twin turbo v6 600hp twin turbo v8 500hp naturally aspirated V8 for the people that don't like turbos. can they come out with a 2700 lb even smaller car like the new subaru brz, but with a twin turbo 4? they can even call it the gremlin for all I care. Just build the damn thing. Nobody wants a 4200lb 19mpg "sports car" that is 20' long.

Avatar By: CheckLeDude
2/23/2012 9:11 PM

Anyone saw the 'new' Dodge Dart (Just google it guys)??? If they are going to another ugly design like the Dart and naming it a Cuda, I' ll jump down a cliff for sure.

Avatar By: Mopar_Ford_101
2/24/2012 10:13 PM

Seriously they already have the body just reduce the weight majorly they already have the 6.4L HEMI out or on its way plus there is the modern Elephant all it needs is grille, shaker hood, six pack, RWD an badging/striping. If the Alfa Romeo chassis is lighter then use it but dont dare make it a weak ass FWD.

Avatar By: kscoyote
2/26/2012 4:53 PM

It's based on an Alfa 6 RWD platform and should handle a V8 with no problem, but they're probably going to have to develop an aluminum block if they expect to remain competitive with Mustang. Chrysler has moved names across divisions throughout its history the Lancer became a Mitsubishi, for example, when Chrysler owned Mitsubishi. I think it should be pretty cool...

Avatar By: DaveIndy
2/26/2012 9:07 PM

As long as the new 'Cuda is a 2-door and doesn't look like that new pile of crap "Dart". Lighten up the Challenger, it's one of the few good looking cars left. I'd like to see more cars with manual transmissions. I want to "drive" a car, not go for a ride.

Avatar By: musewolfman
2/27/2012 11:08 AM

While I like the idea of bringing the 'Cuda back, let's face it, all you need is a shaker hood and gills on a Challenger to get the majority of the appearance of a '70-'74. If they bring it back, I'd like to see either the wraparound rear window of the '64-'66 or at least a fastback like the '67-69. Lightweight is a good idea, and if they MUST use an Alfa platform, one can only dream of it having an Alfa V8. But that would be waaaaaay too pricey. A turbo 4 or -6 would be nice for an entry-level one, and the SRT could be a Hemi (though I detest them. I love the Wedge). Admittedly, if my ideas were what they did, we'd lose the ragtop option, but... Eh, they handle worse than a hardtop anyways so I'm not heartbroken.

2/28/2012 4:57 PM

While were at it, why don't we bring back the Edsel (Ford) and the & the 84 Lebaron, 2 more nameplates that were junkers, stop calling these new cars what they are not. Let the old names rest in peace. Add some new names like the . . . I know lets call one. . . THE RALPH NADER we'll put the engine in the back and have one big crumple zone all the way back to the rear seats. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Avatar By: kscoyote
2/29/2012 9:22 AM This is the chassis - not too hard to see a 68 style with a fixed roof, lines aren't that different. chop the nose & give it a fish face, and it will be an awesome ride.

Avatar By: kscoyote
2/29/2012 9:24 AM

Avatar By: kscoyote
2/29/2012 9:24 AM Another view

Avatar By: kscoyote
2/29/2012 9:26 AM Not to difficult to see - extend the wheel base 4-6 inches, with a Barracuda greenhouse, and it'll be a great car!

Avatar By: Wicked_Psyrus
3/3/2012 9:33 AM

As far as I'm concerned Dodge started F*ckin up when they resurrected the Charger name on a four-door, and didn't even think of offering a 2-door version for the fans of the name. The Charger SHOULD have been their throwback retro car, followed shortly by a slightly smaller Challenger and Dodge would've had the duo like the Corvette and Camaro.

Avatar By: georgecavalierrs
3/5/2012 4:08 PM

Unless Chrysler plans on bringing back the Plymouth name, I don't think they should call it a 'Cuda. Why not just call it Challenger? It's not like it's a ruined nameplate.

Avatar By: 19luna92
3/18/2013 9:33 PM

ya i dont know why they have to drop the name challenger, but i think it would be cool if they had a 'cuda option for the challenger (diffrent grill,decals and a shaker hood) just like it might be cool if they had a roadrunner option for the charger, not really a rebirth of the name but kind of a tribute.


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