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Best Over-The-Cliff Crash in a Movie
Posted On: 12/6/2011 9:21AM

After watching the original Mechanic from 1972 earlier today, I came to the realization that I had just witnessed the best car crash down a cliff that I had ever seen in a movie. At a little over 20 seconds, this was a real metal-smashing spectacle with no special effects, not even a rigged hollywoodesque explosion in the end.

Whaddya think, can any of you top this one? Watch the clip below the jump.


Comments (5)
Avatar By: gold94corolla
12/6/2011 2:04 PM

haha nice

Avatar By: V6CHVET
12/6/2011 2:43 PM

Hey, the car didn't explode. But, it did fold up like a piece of aluminum foil.

Avatar By: 74Furyous
12/6/2011 4:11 PM

That was cool. Crumple zone? I got yer crumple zone right here.

Avatar By: boatdude13
12/6/2011 4:57 PM

how about the original italian job where they get rid of the minis. I think there is one hollywood explosion for one of the cars

Avatar By: Bander15
12/6/2011 11:31 PM! Jan Michael Vincent was sure young here.


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