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Fast Five Footage Leaked
Posted On: 4/15/2011 11:18AM

In addition to the cool making-of videos posted earlier by Mr. Angry, here's over nine minutes of new footage from the upcoming Fast and the Furious installment. It includes a lot of talky bits, which are a little boring (I miss Michelle Rodriguez), but there's also clips of assorted cars including the fake Stingray being shot out of various propulsion devices, and a really cool extended sequence of a pair of SRT Chargers hauling a bank vault through crowded city streets, starting at around 8:15, that apparently was not (completely) CGI. Video below the jump, via

Fast Five 9 minutes of Crazy Footage

Comments (12)
Avatar By: Tybaseball8
4/15/2011 4:12 PM

sickkk. Horrible acting but how do u not love these movies as a car guy. Plus the Rocks the freaking boy

Avatar By: tazgts
4/16/2011 10:37 AM

I love how it went from ricers to super cars. What's with all the spam comments these days?

Avatar By: Felizprim3
4/16/2011 4:49 PM

i cannot wait for this!

Avatar By: ___nes___
4/16/2011 7:24 PM

This movie doesn't make sense on the plot side of it since Han should be dead but who cares! The car hoonage will be awesome.

Avatar By: BigMike3023
4/16/2011 8:39 PM

Cardomain; can you do something about all the spam?!? These dudes are screwing up these posts!!

Avatar By: SouthernGuy8503
4/16/2011 11:34 PM

nes - It does make sense because the plot isn't in order. Basically the order of plot is The Fast and the Furious, 2 Fast 2 Furious , Fast & Furious (4), Fast Five and then F&F Tokyo Drift.

Avatar By: JoeCool6972
4/17/2011 9:08 AM

Please kill the spam!

Avatar By: ___nes___
4/17/2011 2:26 PM

@SouthernGuy well to me it seems like they're trying to sell it as a continuation of the other ones. It doesn't make sense that they don't do the movies as sequels because in almost every movie they have tried to link them in some way of plot, after credits cut scene or cameos.

Avatar By: M45lover
4/17/2011 5:17 PM

I'm glad the car selection has improved since the first two movies. The rice rockets in the first one seem so cheesy and unbearable these days. I'm not talking about the Skylines and Supras.

Avatar By: SuperSilvi
4/17/2011 6:15 PM

Not bad for the scenes they showed. THe fing rock is almost a big as he was when he was wrestling. Racing 427 stingray wow and they wrecked it.

Avatar By: _DisTurBed1_
4/25/2011 2:37 AM

i read that a lot of the cars they wreck are ones they pull out of the junk yard, do a fast paint job on, and then wreck. it makes me feel a touch better that they aren't wrecking the show cars like i originally thought :)

Avatar By: DodgeAdict
4/26/2011 9:12 AM

- O.o ..... I CANT F*CKIN WAIT FOR THIS TO COME OUT!!!! Ima smoke like a chimney then go see it, I saw the last Fast and The Furious three times in theaters.. and I have a feeling Ima see this one four times.. or maybe Fast Five?


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