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Angry Driver Destroys Parking Boot
Posted On: 1/19/2011 11:33AM

Too bad he trashes his quarter panel in the process! Video after the jump!

Angry Driver Demolishes Wheel Clamp!

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Avatar By: 66Mope
1/19/2011 11:37 AM

LOL. Did he toss that thing into traffic?

Avatar By: JTC180
1/19/2011 1:09 PM


Avatar By: MrAMC1
1/19/2011 1:19 PM

I think they booted him because he wasn't parked squarely on the sidewalk. His left rear quarter was hanging out into the road a little!

Avatar By: TorqueAddict9
1/19/2011 1:53 PM

Damn right, I would probably do the same thing, especially if I didnt care about my beater.

Avatar By: ___nes___
1/19/2011 5:08 PM

How about pay your fines next time? I hate when people go crazy over something that is their fault that happened. I stopped watching that parking wars show just for that reason alone.

Avatar By: fixdaserver
1/19/2011 7:28 PM

nicely done.

Avatar By: GTwildfire
1/19/2011 8:04 PM

forget the fines, maybe he's a scofflaw even. He beat the boot. FREAKING YAAY. Score one for the little guy.

Avatar By: GTwildfire
1/19/2011 8:06 PM

I would love to have a portable cutting torch or cutting wheel in the trunk if this happened to me. I WOULD use it.

Avatar By: cknarf
1/20/2011 11:36 AM

Anyone ever heard of 'angle grinder man'? I guess he's a guy that carries a giant angle grinder and grinds boots off cars that have been put down by the man. A true patriot.

Avatar By: EricShoHo
1/21/2011 8:15 AM

wow it seems like a pretty weak boot...,but good for him anyways


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