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Well-Built Camaro Hi-Riser On 26s
Posted On: 12/8/2010 3:27PM

The world of hi-risers is quickly growing and yielding incredible builds like this candy apple green IROC Camaro on 26s! Built strong from the ground up, this donk features more than just a shiny paint job and big rims; it has the balls to back up it's claim. Powered by a 350 crate motor, this is surely no slug. Check out the video after the jump! Then see more Camaro hi-risers at Tampa Sports Car Examiner.

Comments (39)
Avatar By: NobiZero
12/8/2010 4:09 PM

It must ride like a tank. I can't see much suspension movement happening there.Good engineering though. I lol'd at Yoshi on the quarters.

Avatar By: southern2010
12/8/2010 4:36 PM

im parbee not gona ask wat mpg it get

Avatar By: Shmak1982
12/8/2010 4:50 PM

Not my style, but gotta respect the quality of the build.

Avatar By: ___nes___
12/8/2010 5:03 PM

Can't see the video, guessing it doesn't work now, but for what I can see by the picture I feel bad for the Camaro. And why when people see the 3rd gen they automatically think DONK?!!! I don't get it!

Avatar By: Nickel723
12/8/2010 5:44 PM


Avatar By: cknarf
12/8/2010 5:45 PM

My favorite part of this car, is that it doesn't have a massive lift, despite the fact its on 26"s! Lol. that's awesome.

Avatar By: cknarf
12/8/2010 5:50 PM

I change my mind, it's just f*cking awesome period.

Avatar By: SierraPower
12/8/2010 5:54 PM

Not a big fan but gotta respect the work!! That is a pretty bad azz motor though!!!

Avatar By: omar_e
12/8/2010 6:09 PM


Avatar By: subaru-offroad
12/8/2010 6:19 PM

yeah this is def one of the best donk builds I've seen in a while... not a single inch was overlooked!

Avatar By: diamondaudio101
12/8/2010 6:37 PM

other than the scoop and the damn goshi BS it looks legit, doing burn outs on 6s like nothing DAAMN!

Avatar By: GTwildfire
12/8/2010 7:15 PM

ever buy a car then suddenly see them everywhere? lol, it's happening to me, but this time instead of on the streets it's happening in the blog. Camaros have to be the most frequent model featured in Autoholics, perhaps the ol' CarDomain blog as well. Anyway, I respect the effort and love that went into this ride, but the rims aren't my forte.

Avatar By: gold94corolla
12/8/2010 7:55 PM

what's up with that weak beat in the background... anyways yoshi is probably by favorite part lol.

Avatar By: 66Mope
12/8/2010 7:59 PM

Ted, been a lot of Camaros... and Tiburons...

Avatar By: 04NEONSE
12/8/2010 8:25 PM

yes you did a good job but please speak and type like a normal person

Avatar By: retroman
12/8/2010 8:31 PM

Big rims aren't my taste, but I can respect this. He clearly left no bolt unwrenched. Any idiot can throw big rims on a car, but it takes a true professional to make it look and drive right. I loved the burnout by the way.

Avatar By: ___nes___
12/8/2010 9:04 PM

Second that GT

Avatar By: ilovethestig
12/8/2010 9:08 PM

new dumbest thing iv ever seen...

Avatar By: ilovethestig
12/8/2010 9:09 PM

i do like the paint tho....and the engine looks like it rapes...come to think of it the wheels are the dumbest thing iv ever seen the rest of the cars nice

Avatar By: SuzyBruisy
12/8/2010 10:39 PM

Love the color-matched clothing, just like pink Lambo granny from yesterday. New trend? I need me a PPG Cinnamon Candy outfit to go with my Escort GT!

Avatar By: Retox
12/9/2010 3:30 AM

I dont care how much effort went into it. Its just typical bad ghetto taste... have money, will waste on something retarded... the whole culture is nothing but a constant pointless pissing contest to see who can have the biggest.

Avatar By: Cyberdyne2500
12/9/2010 7:00 AM

Suprized he didn't go with some sparkle numbers to declare his massive wheel size!

Avatar By: timpalass
12/9/2010 7:01 AM

Got to be the stupidest style happening. Reminds me of the ugly ass Z Cavarichi pants back it the late 80's early 90's. I'd drive a gay miata before this crap.

Avatar By: packcharlie
12/9/2010 9:42 AM

No.... Just no. Its a camaro.... They are what they are because of the power. 26 inch rims ROB PERFORMANCE! When will people quit making cars worse than they came from the factory?

Avatar By: cknarf
12/9/2010 10:01 AM

There wasn't performance to rob in the first place... 3rd gens were slow as hell! The car is definitely ALOT faster than stock, so I'm cool with the big ass rims.

Avatar By: cobaltdriver07
12/9/2010 10:07 AM

why would anybody do this to a nice car like an iroc z donk's imo are the gayest thing ever thought of by anyone large rims are made for suv's and trucks not cars. get rid of the retarted yoshi stickers and rims and redo the iterior to look halfway decent and it would be nice but all that shit just makes an otherwise nice car stupid lookin. dont get me wrong im all for anyone doing what they like within reason but donks are just retarted no matter how you look at it.

Avatar By: vlado5
12/9/2010 11:18 AM

Should have had ridin rims as the song in the background!

Avatar By: DaveyBoyo
12/9/2010 12:32 PM

Ruined a great motor with those rims.

Avatar By: minitruckasc
12/9/2010 2:57 PM

its roller rockers dumb ass,not rocker rollers.......

Avatar By: ___nes___
12/9/2010 7:14 PM

Wow people he's not going to the drag strip anytime soon! He did it for the fuck of it! Just because he can! I'm pretty sure he's not that preoccupied about 0 to 60 times or 1/4 mile times. I really don't like the car with the rims but to call it gay or stupid or whatever else just because YOU don't like it is stupid and ignorant!

Avatar By: SouthernGuy8503
12/9/2010 10:01 PM

I don't agree with the rims or the interior but at least he did shit the the engine. I don't agree with going to carb or having that dumbass looking air intake system that doesn't do much because it's still letting it the hot air and the chrome tube heats up the air as it going through it. But, at least he did do engine work to it. I don't know why he's against the LS1 though because the whole LS family are the best small block engines out there no matter what anybody says. He probably didn't have the $ to buy an LS1 and then do engine work to it so he had to get an older small block and do engine work. I still would have went with FI though. Plus how many hi-risers do you see doing donuts in the road like that. So again I don't agree with the looks of the car on the outside or inside, but I do like he did actual work to the engine instead of leaving it stock. I just hope he upgraded the brakes for the big ass rims and I wonder how much the rims slowed the car if he had normal size rims with that engine. But with the $ he spent on that car he could have had a brand new 2010 Chevy Camaro SS.

Avatar By: Retox
12/10/2010 2:00 AM

Judging by the rears on the close ups, I'd say brake upgrades are nil.

Avatar By: RockShox
12/10/2010 3:57 AM

Did he just placed those "horn" intakes for the show? The hood would never close with it. And the hood scope isn't made for the setup. Other than that, I can tolerate it if it were just a gift.

Avatar By: Jayvon2k4
12/10/2010 10:17 AM

Why do some of you a holes have so many comments in re guards to what this guy does with his money. If you hate his car so much they why even leave a comment in the first place? He took something old and made it his vision, not yours... And he did it with his money not yours. Get of this mans nutz and worry about your own ride.

Avatar By: timpalass
12/10/2010 2:42 PM

Jayvon if you take off all the negative comments, you're left with nothing. Rides are put here with a comment section for people to put their opinions.

Avatar By: SouthernGuy8503
12/10/2010 3:55 PM

Jayvon - It's a thing called an opinion, not everybody has the same opinion. If you can't handle someone not liking the same things as you then don't mod anything. Ya some comments are ignorant but most are of actual opinions like saying this isn't my taste but at least he did something with the engine. Just like not everybody likes the same things I do and I'm fine with it. Think I seriously care what people I don't know personally think of me? There's some things you don't like so why should it be any different for someone else. I'm not going to lie and kiss someone's ass just because it's put on a blog. I do respect most things to do with car and trucks, it's only 2 or 3 that I don't respect all that much. Guess what, even though you have a nice car, not everybody likes big chrome rims. If you can't take that either then put the stockers back on.

Avatar By: Shmak1982
12/10/2010 4:55 PM

To those that keep getting upset that he did this to an IROC, he says in the video it's actually just an RS, but he didn't like that, so he put on the IROC emblems and ground kit. Who cares if he chopped up an RS. LMAO!

Avatar By: chopstixx
12/16/2010 11:09 PM


Avatar By: PimpinACC22
12/17/2010 9:07 AM

My boy Brandon getting famous!


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