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'32 Ford Pickup Barn-Find Gasser!
Posted On: 11/3/2010 8:14AM

I got to the Rusty Nutz' 7th Annual Jalopyrama show on October 23 later in the day than I'd planned (note to self: If you need to leave a show early, don't buy a 50/50 ticket), but there was still some choice stuff there.  One item that caught my eye was this '32 Ford pickup gasser.  This was built and raced in the '60s, then put away for many years.  There were magazines from 1964 and '65 placed in the bed, opened to feature articles on this very truck!

According to the current owner, the engine is a blown Oldsmobile powerplant, stroked to 385ci, and is the same engine the truck had back in the day.  Out back is a vintage quick-change rear. The paint job you're looking at was applied in 1962!

The truck isn't currently running, but there are plans to get the engine the rest of the way back together and continue showing it.  For now, it gets pushed and trailered. The owner and his friends were kind enough to push it to another part of the floor so I could get this 3/4-rear view without either another car in the way or harsh glare from the windows above.

Check out the vintage tires (still dirty from the barn!), wheels and push bar--and the complete lack of any sort of rollover protection.


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Avatar By: outffocus
11/3/2010 10:44 PM

This is cool, it would have some priceless aftermarket parts on it that can't be purchased any more. What a find, every rodders dream!

Avatar By: 2digits
3/6/2011 1:30 PM



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